the creme de la creme of music on wax

Who we r

some vinyl junkies that are always lookin for fantastic music that needs to be released on vinyl. we started as a garage rock'n'roll & soul label and we're still dedicated to it!


What we do

We release all kinds music and always work out very fair deals with the artists. For us it's not all about the benjamins. We released music we knew it's (commercially) gonna flop, but we never cared. 


Feel free to get in touch with us. Usually we get in touch with artists we like, but once in a while there is a band that sends us a CD and it's so great we have to release it!


We love what we do. most of the times.

The needle has to hit the groove. It's always exciting to put a new record on the turntable and waiting for the intro or the first note. We never get used to this. It's always kinda special. We started this label in 2002. The Vinyl business was almost dead. You can't compare it to today. In the meantime many big labels came out of their holes and all of a sudden they want to explain the people what's so great about vinyl records. We know this is bullshit and so should you!

El soul es una droga. => Music without soul is worth shit!



Lonestar Record is an independent record label that puts only music out it likes.  There is a lot of great music out there that hasn't been pressed on wax. We want to bring those tunes on our & your turntables.


Lonestar Records | Karl-Schefold-Str. 35 | 89073 Ulm | Germany